Making Sure Your Website Works In Older Browsers

I wondered how would look on an older browser. Since it is CSS based I thought it would look bad. Today I had a first class chance to see how it looks. I also learned how … [Read more...]

Book Review: How to Make Money Online with eBay, Yahoo! & Google

Book Review: Authors: Peter Kent Jill K Finlayson  How to Make Money Online with eBay, Yahoo!, and Google decribes a 3 way approach to running an online buisness.  It is divided … [Read more...]

Website Development and Marketing Book Reviews

Starting today, I will be doing an occasional book review. Most books I review will be based on developing web sites or on web marketing. … [Read more...]

Project 2 – Content

It took a few days for me to write out the initial content for I needed to write out the home page, feedback, and the 1st article. After having read Yaro's article at … [Read more...]

Web Project2 – Choosing a Web Host

Honestly I was not real scientific about choosing a Web Host ***This was an early post on this site. Problems with the host chosen have forced me to leave. Sad, but things change. I recommend … [Read more...]

The Start on Website Project 2 Last week (April 9-15,2006) I began work on my first niche site (at least I hope it will be). I am a full time photographer, so I thought photos might be a good place to … [Read more...]

Photography-How the business has changed

Last Good Friday (2005), we were really forced to change our business Since it is Good Friday and since the I only have the link to my portrait studio up so far, I think I'll describe how my business … [Read more...]

My first post

How to generate an income on the internet? Several years ago, I came across the Google Cash system. I shared a couple emails with Chris Carpenter the author but I did not purchase his system at that … [Read more...]