The Most Important Post Ever

Till next week. I promised to make an important announcement today. You'll find it in this post. Unfortunately, I am not ready to make the full announcement I was planning. The announcement I'll make today is truly the most important I've ever made … [Read more]

I Am Not Going To Die Here

Image via Wikipedia It had been a particularly awful day. He had achieved what he thought was his lifetime dream. He had made it to what was suppossed to be, the top of his profession. He had practiced literally for years, studied, and practiced … [Read more]

Is a Smart Phone a Smart Choice?

You can post to your blog from a Blackberry Curve Smartphonr The iPhone, Blackberry, Droid, Android, Palm Pre, and the others. Smart phones. They are becoming increasingly common. Are they a good choice for you? A few months ago, I finally got a … [Read more]

Google Buzz – A Hit or Miss?

You seem to either love Google Buzz or hate it. By now, nearly everyone has gotten the Buzz when they checked their Gmail. Some people love it. Others, hate it. Will Buzz be around next year? Or, will it be about as popular as Orcut or whatever … [Read more]